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Original Style
The XT or Extra Top is a Horse Shoe style bar mounted on the top of the upper full bar.
Can be installed on any guard.


NS style
The "new style" is available on many models of LIte-Gards. On these models, the verticals will go up beyond the top bar and are used to make the extra top "XT". You can have 1 or 2 extra tops "XT" as are shown by the examples below.

ES style
The ES is Lite–Gard’s newest style of guards. The ES comes in 2, 3 & 4 bar guards and the verticals are made of durable extruded L channel. The extra centers (XC) and the extra tops (XT) go through the verticals, this makes a stronger guard. If the extra center or extra tops get damaged they are easily replaced by a standar size pipe regardless of truck type. You can have your ES guard made with 1 or 2 extra tops (XT) and extra centers (XC) as shown in the examples.

REBEL style
These guards are made out of larger 3 inch OD aluminum Tubing, triple shelled in the critical places. Powder coated either glossy black, textured black, silver, special colors for fleets, or optional polished finish.